My name is Rahul Alim

Hi, I'm Rahul Alim, the founder and CEO of Custom Creatives, a high-growth digital agency that helps entrepreneurs, consultants, and proven businesses scale through Facebook Advertising and content.

I have helped drastically improve the lives of millions, through showing them how to effectively make genuine connections with the people they want in their lives, improving their sense of self and making long lasting relationships that increase their quality of life.


An award-winning coach with 20+ years of experience, I love helping business owners and agencies improve their sales.

I have helped brands such as, Geico,, Reach Local and 1,000’s of local businesses. I also helped my students reach 6-7 figure months and I want to share my secrets to connects business owners with their dream clients.


If you see the worlds best at what they do, they have one secret in common and it's not just the relentless will to be the best.

It's TRAINING. They acquired the necessary skills to excel and sought mentorship to help them improve. In the beginning you need the right training from the right person to get to the next level so you can constantly be stacking knowledge, or you will painfully learn what "a house of cards" really means.

As you get more advanced, you will learn to buy your network, buy more precise skills to solve singular problems that can unlock freedom in your day and life, and millions of dollars that you can earn NOW as opposed to waiting or guessing.

You weren’t born great.

Greatness is developed.

You grow into greatness

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Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and all your personal goals &. dreams have come true. You have your business operating without you, you took time off with your friends or family to just enjoy the one life you have to live without the stress and chaos of financial burdens.

Now we have to face today to impact our tomorrow and think past ourselves. If you want to have major impact in your life, what decisions do you need to make to get what you want? What you do now, will impact you and your future generations.

At the GSD, we aim to eliminate the guess work, trial and errors, loneliness of working alone by bringing your vision and brilliant ideas to life.

No one ever said, what is the longest way to get to my goals, right? We implement fast track solutions by giving you more than 18 years of experiences and handing you the exact roadmap, the exact marketing, the exact sales, the exact delivery, and the exact leadership processes to run a million dollar business, FASTER.

Time is the most precious asset. If your time is worth money, I invite you to explore how you can get to your goals NOW.


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